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Dos And Don’ts During A Hurricane

No one who has ever experienced the full force of a hurricane will ever take the force of nature lightly. Even so, there are those who only have a vague idea of what these storm systems can do, which leads them to make mistakes once they are already in the horrible situation of actually being caught in one. To help people become more prepared when dealing with hurricanes, here are some of the most essential do’s and don’ts during a hurricane.  stay together


Do Stay Together

If you are with a group of friends, family, classmates, workmates, or just a collection of random strangers, it’s always best to stay together if you’re already in the middle of a hurricane. More people means a better chance of surviving in case of flooding, strong winds, or falling debris.


Do Manage Your Emergency Supplies Wisely

Being prepared is great, but it won’t serve you well at all if you go through your emergency supplies too fast. Even if the hurricane doesn’t last that long, conserving resources is still incredibly important. In the case where you get trapped for days because of the storm, you’ll need those supplies.


Do Turn Off Power When Flooding Is Imminent

If you think that you home is about to get flooded, flip the breaker switch immediately. Don’t hesitate on this point because it might save your life. Even if your home ends up not getting flooded, there was no harm done.


Don’t Go Out No Matter What

Seriously, this point can’t be stressed enough. Do not go out during a hurricane. Just don’t. Unless you are in need of emergency care, everything that you need to do can wait until the storm is over. There’s no need to needlessly put yourself or someone else at risk.


Don’t Drive During A Hurricane

If you are caught outside during a hurricane, try finding an elevated parking lot and stay there. Driving on the road during a powerful storm surge is only going to make you more at risk of getting caught in a flood or losing control of your vehicle.


Don’t Use Appliances Carelessly

When the hurricane is already overhead and you’re getting bombarded with heavy rains and winds going over 60mph, it’s best to remember that it is not an ordinary day. It isn’t the time to turn on all of the TV, computers, and other gadgets in the house. It’s also not the time to use your smartphones while they are charging. That’s seriously dangerous.


  1. Walter

    Very well written article. I can see I can use most of them. Thank you for the tips I didn’t think of!

  2. Lori

    Fantastic article. This is actually sound, practical advice during emergency situations. Thank you!

  3. Norman

    Thank you for writing this incredibly helpful article Chelsea! All of these steps are so well organized and actionable. Keep writing!

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    Thanks for bringing up such helpful content! I admire your cohesiveness. 🙂

  6. Mike

    I have not experienced being into a weather system. A hurricane can be the most devastating thing mother nature can do to any society. I just hope that no one else would experience anything like Hurricane Katrina!

    • Hartman

      Weather systems naturally occur in nature. Where do you think you live? Mars?


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